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 Founded in2008

Our company has been operating on the market since 2008. Our satisfied clients include small and medium-sized enterprises to multinational corporations operating in various industries.

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Who we are

We are an independent consulting company offering our clients accounting, IT and corporate finance consulting since 2008.


In addition, we also deal with a complete payroll and personnel agenda, taxes, accounting reconstruction, advice on warehouse inventory, detailed property records, reporting and controlling according to client requirements. We also provide consulting in the field of IT and corporate finance.


We represent our clients in communication with all authorities and state institutions.

Our company has experienced accountants, financial advisors and IT administrators who share information about individual cases with each other, regularly attend various professional trainings and are constantly learning. This is our way of ensuring the professional growth of our team so that it is always ready to help and answer any questions in the field of accounting, payroll, tax, economic, financial and IT matters for our clients.

Our Team


Edita Pekarova


Since 1997, after graduating from a vocational school with an economic focus, she started working as a junior accountant in an auditing company, where she gained valuable experience in the field of accounting, payroll and taxes. Subsequently, she became independent and started working as a natural person - an entrepreneur for national and multinational companies as a Chief Accountant and Economist.

In 2008, she founded a limited liability company, where she still works as an Executive and leads a team of skilled accountants and economists. Under her leadership, the company is constantly developing and growing.


Jana Gabrisova

Head of Accounting department

Jana started working for our company as an assistant accountant while studying for a University Degree associated with Economics. This enabled her apply her academic knowledge acquired through studies to practice at our company. 

With her goal-oriented and professional approach, she worked her way up to the position of Chief Accountant and Economist. She currently leads a team of accountants. In addition, she provides training and professional training for our entire team.









Tomas Pekar

Partner for the financial management and crisis management

Tomáš is an expert in the field of setting up corporate financial processes for newly established companies, as well as for companies in stagnation and bankruptcy proceedures.


He has extensive experience in the operation of industrial and agricultural production enterprises, as well as in the field of enterprises providing different types of services.


In addition, he has rich experience in the field of international IFRS accounting and German accounting according to the Handelsgesetzbuch.


Marek Hric

Partner for financial consulting in corporate financing and debt management

Marek specializes in financial consulting in short-term and long-term planning and the overall setting of the company for obtaining external capital.


Marek has acquired his academic and professional experience in London (UK) and Vienna (Austria), where he worked for the two largest European banking groups. Marek has a degree in finance and investments and is also a graduate of a German university - WHU, where he obtained his Executive MBA diploma with a focus on corporate finance.


Matej Varga

Partner for IT solutions

Matej specializes in the field of network management and corporate IT systems.


He is an expert in creating web applications, E-shops and connections to corporate IT systems.

In addition, Matej is also dedicated to the creation of reporting and controlling applications and tools, according to the needs and requirements of the client.

Our goal is your satisfaction


...we take a transparent and professional approach to our clients.

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